For many of us, the design of our homes and the concept of “living well”, looks different than it has in the past. It is less about opulence and fashion and more about comfort, ease and a sense of personal style.

This shift in mindset is also influencing many people to view small living spaces as a positive alternative. Requiring less time, energy and money, they provide greater lifestyle flexibility.

Since many of our clients reside in and around the metropolitan area, it is almost a given that they live in smaller spaces and we are frequently asked to design interiors that will maximize their size.

We know that small spaces are not just smaller, they are different. The planning, design and decoration to create a small living space that is personal, functional, looks and feels bigger are also different.

Truly understanding the needs of our clients and finding creative solutions, has allowed us to become experts in small space living. As longtime residents of New York City, we get small!

Let us assist you with your challenges, so that you can enjoy the full potential of your living space.