“I highly recommend Heather Higgins of Higgins Design Studio, LLC for your small space renovation. She worked with me virtually to design a home office/guest bedroom, which was creative and spot on in terms of space planning and style. She is so easy to work with and really listens to your needs and ideas. It’s not easy to find a good designer who understands the special needs of small spaces. Heather is one of them!”
Debra B.  

“I desperately needed help with my small, oddly shaped living room and Heather came to the rescue! She listened to my vision for the room (how to entertain the maximum number of people comfortably), sized up the situation (uhhh…can we keep that beloved antique barrister bookcase that gets a lot of focus in a tight area?) and made so many excellent suggestions to make the room more inviting and functional.

I know that I would not have come up with half of her ideas on my own; she truly is an expert in creatively exploring every option to bring together what a client wants and what can be done with the space. Struggling to figure out how to make a challenging space beautiful and one you actually want to spend time in? I recommend that you reach out to Heather for her skillful, insightful counsel to help you make your home truly your own.”
Heidi H. – Author

“We were so fortunate to work with Higgins Design Studio – Heather and her team helped us turn our dream into reality! New to the United States, we were looking for guidance in navigating the renovation path – we needed help with every aspect of renovating in NYC, from the how, what, where and who. Heather Higgins gave us the comfort and confidence to push forward with renovating our entire junior 4 apartment from scratch, redesigning it into a space that seamlessly matched our lifestyle and our taste.

From the very beginning Heather took time to figure out who we are, how we live and what is important to us. Her attention to detail is second to none. From there she collaboratively worked with us and with her team of experts to find ways to both maximize the space and create the beautiful, fun and comfortable environment that we now call home.

Thank you so much for everything. We have lived in our renovated and redesigned apartment for a year now and delight in every aspect of it. Our home. Thanks to Higgins Design Studio!”
Wayne and Sally G.

Since we had previously worked with Higgins Design Studio on a smaller project, we knew that when the opportunity arose to engage a firm to guide us on the full-scale renovation of our new home, we would select HDS. As anticipated, Heather brought her engaging manner, creativity and attention to detail to our project. An important aspect about working with Heather is her ability to blend her vision with that of the client so that there is a comfortable and true partnership. Consequently, we could not be more pleased with the outcome. We are delighted to show our apartment to our friends and family and, most importantly, to live in a beautiful home created by our partnership with HDS.”
Charles M. – Housing Executive
Susan M. – Management Analyst

“We couldn’t have made a better choice when we selected Higgins Design Studio to plan and oversee the complete renovation of our new apartment. Heather is a joy to work with and the team she engaged to accomplish the work were all first rate. She not only has incredibly good taste, but also a firm grasp on what’s practical. She made several helpful suggestions that we never would have thought of. As important as anything else Heather has a healthy respect for the budget and knows how to get the biggest bang for the buck. Our recommendation is unconditional for anyone looking for a quality job. We wouldn’t hesitate to engage Higgins Design Studio again should an occasion present itself.”
Bob H. – VP Finance
Wolhee C. – Professor Emeritus

“It was a delight to work with a designer who got fully behind our agenda. Heather jumped in, ran with the project and completed it within a very short time frame. She has beautiful taste and we love being in the space that she designed for us. It was a creative collaboration that was productive and fun. She delivered on what we needed and we felt like we were working with a friend!”
Tom T. – CEO, Financial Services Firm
Karen T. – Freelance Writer

“I am so thrilled with my new kitchen and bathroom! The renovation is exactly what I envisioned it would be. The apartment has such a better flow and feels even bigger then it did before. Heather was a pleasure to work with; she is very organized and helped me pick out everything so that it fit with the aesthetic I was going for. I honestly couldn’t be happier! ”
Nikki S. – Operations Director, Women’s Apparel Manufacturer

“When we hired Higgins Design Studio for our project, it was our first experience working with an Interior Designer. The fact that Heather was patient, listened well, held our hand and educated us, was really important. We are thrilled with the design. Everyone who sees the space agrees that the design, color and layout resulted in the ultimate use of the space. The integration of our living, working and entertainment needs makes it work perfectly for our lifestyle. Heather has a keen eye and insider’s knowledge of resources. Her advice on how to allocate our budget gave us the flexibility to reuse some existing pieces and also showed us how to get the quality and overall look that we wanted for less than we had budgeted. Bravo Heather!”
Edward D., Esq. – President, Gerard Partners, LLC
Vincent M. – COO, Gerard Partners, LLC

“We are delighted with how our home looks and feels. We get compliments all the time but most importantly, it is very compatible with our lifestyle. We entertain constantly and it gets a lot of use — small dinners, large parties and weekend guests. It is a real working space!”
Leon A. – Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Joan A. – Dean of Students, Private School (Retired)

“I am so happy with the design of my space and really enjoyed working with Higgins Design Studio. They listened to my needs, worked in a collaborative manner and provided flexibility within the project budget. The fact that they were a full-service firm was also very important to me because they were able to provide not only design and purchasing services, but also coordination with the General Contractor.”
Ned L. – Independent Health Care Consultant

“Higgins Design Studio has a gift for designing living spaces that have true enduring appeal and functionality. Their designs are warm, welcoming and comfortable — exactly how most people define “home.” Working with Heather, the firm’s principal, means that you will be delighted with your home environment for many years to come. Not only does she have a wonderful “eye” but she also truly takes the time to listen and understand how her clients live and interpret their needs accordingly. She demystifies the design process and her deep knowledge and enthusiasm yield both a wonderful experience and a great result in home design. Not incidentally, she is also a joy to work with!”
Pam P. – Associate Broker, Warburg Realty

“Working with Higgins Design Studio was not only an affordable pleasure, but also produced a result that I could not have imagined. Stripping a tiny kitchen down to the walls permitted installation of two appliances, in addition to a range and refrigerator, that I didn’t think I could ever have: a dishwasher and a built-in microwave. Another big bonus was much needed counter space. Heather’s design and selection of colors, finishes and custom cabinetry gave me a kitchen that is beautiful and many times more usable than the original. The Contractors she suggested were skilled, efficient and careful of my comfort during the renovation.”
Claire M. – Public Affairs Director

“I liked how smooth and streamlined the whole process turned out to be. Higgins Design Studio listened to what I wanted and then went from there. There were choices to be made, but I wasn’t overwhelmed, unlike when I had initially tried to do it on my own.”
Maimina M. – Designer, Public Clothing, Inc.

“We are enjoying our new kitchen so much. Thanks to Higgins Design Studio’s expert guidance, we were led through the demolition, design, choosing of materials and renovation process, without a hitch. We love the cabinet design and are so pleased with all of your choices from wood finishes, countertops and flooring to light fixtures, wall color and appliances. And, let’s not forget the flat screen TV! Heather, thank you again for leading us through our first renovation project. Without your gentle kindness, we could not have come out with such a gorgeous end product…which we are just thrilled about!”
Gerry C., Esq. – Attorney at Law
Beth C. – Legal Secretary

“I want to thank you. At the beginning of January (and the beginning of our first calendar year of our being in business), you sent me your e-newsletter with an article on Feng Shui. I printed it, worked with it, and even picked up a book on the subject. My favorite concept was that you said, “There is no such thing as out of site, out of mind”. It made me turn the whole place — even our storage space – upside down. Our apartment is small and we’re hoping for a new one soon, but this, combined with a little new furniture, made some beautiful changes. Thank you for the inspiration that will hold us through!”
Joanne R. – Corporate Housing Specialist