Downsizing? A New Start in a Fresh Space

Downsizing? A New Start in a fresh Space










Whether you’re an empty nester moving from a house into a condo, or a renter trading in a two-bedroom for a studio and shorter work commute, many people now see downsizing their home as a step forward, not backward.

The benefits to living in less space are many, but saying goodbye to a familiar living environment and memory-filled belongings, can be a challenge. Having helped numerous clients through this process, I recently had the opportunity, with on their program “Wealth Watch”, to explore some ideas to make the experience easier.

Following is the link to that podcast episode, “Downsizing? Create a New Start in a Fresh Space”

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Visualizing how our needs and priorities will transition into a new space is the first step. If you need assistance, we are here to help – whatever the size of your living space!


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