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Simple Office Updates on

Home Office Tips

Whether your firm provides you with a dedicated office space or you are one of the millions who work from home, everyone benefits from a well-designed workspace.

Your office is an extension of your firm’s branding and a few small changes can create big results for you, your employees, consultants and clients.

I had the privilege of discussing some simple suggestions for updating an office with Veronica Dagher, On-air / Online Columnist, Click on the link below to get some ideas which may work for your space.

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What’s Not Working?

What's Not Working

This time of year, most of us are spending more time inside of our homes. As a result, any concerns that we have with the design or function of our space can seem more pressing. This post investigates possible solutions to some of those ongoing dilemmas.

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A New Perspective

Sapling And Plant in Soil

We are so excited to be launching a blog, as part of our new website! Our purpose is to bring you a brief glimpse of some topical aspects of the interior design world that may prompt some new thoughts and ideas for you.

During the development process, it was fascinating to see how our clients, their lifestyles and the design world have transformed over the last several years. Therefore, it only seems fitting that our first blog post explores the idea of embracing change!

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